Friday, August 23, 2013

Exploring a San Diego Canyon

We recently visited my sister, brother-in-law, and baby nephew in San Diego, CA.  We went to see the baby and visit, not to disappear into the wilderness, but we did manage a couple excursions. 

Their house abuts a canyon. Not a big one, just enough to make some roads not go through. But it’s a very different natural area than we are generally accustomed to. Boo was barely 4 when we last visited, and doesn’t remember the canyon. So once morning, we scrounged up some socks (and I borrowed my brother-in-law’s shoes), and went exploring.

Explorer Kid
She loved scrambling around with no need to stay on a defined trail. This tree she thought would make an awesome house.

Treasure in the Sand

There were all sorts of exciting found items. Like beer bottles. Which are great for digging for buried treasure.

We do have cacti in Illinois, but it's short, sickly looking stuff (the ones I've seen). This is a little different.

How much outdoor time do you get on family trips?