Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekday Hikes

After our last trip, we've been making a concerted effort to get our (my) stamina back to something reasonable. We've added a weekday training hike. Often with packs, but not when its stupid hot or when we're all exhausted.

An exhausted hike looks like: I'm not the only one tying my shoes partway in for once!

Shoe Tying Stop

And a lengthy stop at the lake to poke in the mud and admire the sunset.

Evening Lake

We're also running out of daylight after we get home from work. Soon our weekday hikes will have to be around the neighborhood. Which is completely flat. 

But even that's better than I could manage a year ago.

What sort of training or "training" do you do as a family? 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Why Pro-Bar, why?

We have a wide variety of food bars for snacks and emergency food. Some I like more than others, but it's mostly personal preference.

One morning I totally slept through my alarm and grabbed a peanutbutter chocolate chip Pro-Bar as I ran out the door. First bite tastes SPICY!

I tried more after drinking half my fancy coffee (it was that or be hungry, and my co-workers don't deserve that), and it wasn't spicy anymore, but it did have a really unpleasant aftertaste.

Reading the label, this thing has rosemary in it.

I like rosemary. Usually.

I apparently really don't like rosemary in my peanutbutter and chocolate-chip food.

Have you ever been surprised by your energy bar flavor? And you unexpectedly liked? Any you unexpectedly didn't like?