Saturday, October 6, 2012

Map Lesson 1

“Boo, do you like hiking new places, places you’ve already been, or some of each?” Standard driving after work/daycare conversation.

“Places I’ve been.” Firmly.

Well, that explains why she’s so resistant to new places to hike…


“I like to know where I’m going.” 


“You know, Mommy and I use maps so we know where we are going in new places. Would you like to learn to use a map?”


So off we went to Forest Park. We picked up a map. We discussed which route we would take and traced it on the map. She took the crayon and the map, and we were off. 

Starting the Hike - With Map

She marked the map at the trailhead.

Map practice

“I see the bridge!”

“Where are the stairs? Are the stairs on here? Why not? What about the big hill?”

When we reached the top of the hill, we stopped at a bench and found ourselves on the map. She traced the trail from start to where we were. Well, somewhat past… Actually, past enough that she covered up the next landmark… 

At the next bench, she located us past the intersection and wouldn’t accept my correcting. 

Not shown: me running up and down the hills after her in my work clothes
Then she found too many pretty leaves to hold with her map, so I got the map and crayon and the lesson was over. 

She was so proud of herself, and we’ve got a good start on having her be happy to try new trails. 

Lessons Learned:

The trail we followed took up a very small section of the map, which made it hard for her to follow along.

Forest Park maps are not at all straightforward or intuitive. 

Black crayons obscure black landmarks.

What do your kids do with maps? When did you learn to read maps?

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