Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review: The North Face Tigger Sleeping Bag

After her fever night in the sleeping bags with us, she asked if she could have her own sleeping bag so that she could flop without us getting in her way.

We could have gotten a down bag that would last until she’s mostly grown, but she’s not too old for accidents, and has been known to spill water. I’d rather be safe than sorry in that respect.  

Many of the youth bags we found were long enough that Lee could fit them nicely. Which is a bit big for a 41” kid. 

We looked for the shortest synthetic-insulated mummy bag we could find. And came up with  The North Face Tigger.

The zipper goes about half way down, making it harder (not impossible) for her to get loose in the night. I hate trying to stuff a clingy cold kid back into her own sleeping bag once she has escaped, squirmed all around the tent, and ended up trying to worm into my bag. 

The hood is fitted for snugness without elastic or dangling cord bits of doom. When she’s calm or cold at bedtime, she’ll snuggle into the hood. 

Pre-Dinner Rest Time>

Specs say it’ll fit 60 inches. At 42 inches, she’s got 6-8” at the foot, and probably another couple at the head. She’s skinny, and has enough room to wriggle a little. 

Sleeping Bag Fit

It has a little zipper pocket, which will be nice when she needs glasses.  (This does not show up in the descriptions that I can find right now, so it may no longer be there.)

The zipper pull has a glow-in-the-dark tab.

There are hanging loops all the way around: both sides, head, and foot.

At Weldon Springs this October, it was around 40 F overnight. She was not in socks or a hat. She wiggled off her foam pad. She did not report any discomfort or try to crawl into our bags (until she was awake), but when interrogated reported that she had been “OK, maybe a little chilly.”

Update: May 27, 2013
 The Velcro  kept getting caught in her hair this weekend. Unsure why this is, since it hasn't been a problem before.

What do you look for in a kid’s sleeping bag?

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