Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dried Hummus

Lunch is always tricky. We don’t care to go on snacks evenly spaced throughout the day (though some arguments for that method are tempting).

One day we saw hummus powder at a grocery store and decided to try it. We often eat hummus and stuff in a pita, so it seemed a good choice (we have best luck with food that’s like our at-home food).

The prep work we needed was to find a measuring vessel. The particular hummus we got is 1 part powder to 2 parts water. I had, on a whim, gotten Squishy shot cups, and one of those made a perfect measuring cup. 

1 Shot Hummus Dust...

So powder. Then water. And… this is like dirty water. As we pondered this, and then realized it just wasn’t done rehydrating. Waited a few minutes and it made an acceptable pita filling. 

Hummus Mud

It has a lot finer texture than fresh hummus, which is a slight mark against it for both of us. The flavor was fine. We will certainly make it again, though in the future we may dry our own rather than purchasing. 

Pita and Hummus Mud

Have you tried dried hummus? What did you think?

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