Sunday, July 29, 2012

Take the Way More Climbing

Take the Fun Way by virithos
Take the Fun Way, a photo by virithos on Flickr.
We visited Backbone State Park in Iowa this weekend. And while we were hiking the 2-mile Backbone Trail, we noticed that, while Lee or I would take the path between the rocks, Boo always chose the path that involved more climbing.

The other children we saw also seemed to follow this philosophy.

Do you walk around the rocks, or detour to climb over them?


  1. I tend to take the rocks - I have slipped and slid on dust and grit too many times, whereas a rock will generally provide a sturdier base for my stride. Admittedly, sometimes there are loose rocks - but that's why you test before applying all your weight. :)

    1. That makes sense. I usually fall because of something stupid I've done, regardless of the underfoot. Somehow, I suspect you've put a few more hours on the trail than I have. :-)