Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner

Lee found this recipe at We first tried it on a weekend trip to Backbone State Park in Iowa (a very nice trip). I ended up with a bad migraine and ate like 2 bites, but those 2 bites were so tasty…. So tasty in fact that it’s the same dinner we took this June on the Superior Hiking Trail.

J liked all the tastes separately, but didn’t care for the cranberries mixed in with the chicken and stuffing. For me, that’s the best part – savory stuff then a burst of sour fruity cranberry.

Dinner Cooking


Bag-o-chicken - we find these in the tuna aisle

Box of sage stuffing (sage being the only flavor we found that has no milk and no MSG)

1 c Dried cranberries - a cup-ish depending on how much you like cranberries

Small package Almond slivers – for crunch and extra protein

Gravy packet – read the ingredients, many gravy packets have milk, MSG, or both. This actually made the meal saltier than we preferred. It’s fine without.


Heat water - enough for stuffing (directions on box) and cranberries

Put everything together with hot water. Wait. Devour.

Feeds 2 adults and 1 kid

We’ve made this in a plastic bag (in the pics) or heated in the pot. Either is fine.

Through Hiker's Thanksgiving Dinner in August

Do you prefer to buy pre-made, use store-bought ingredients, or make from scratch?

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