Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weldon Springs - Boo's Trip Report

I had Boo dictate a trip report for our October overnight to Weldon Springs. 

We explored! We found a creek. We also found a beach. I found mushrooms and took a picture. I had to take a few pictures before it turned out OK. 


Climbing trees! It’s kind of tricky to get up there. I can’t walk up on the tree without falling over.

Climbing More Trees

Breakfast was cocoa and oatmeal and I loved the oatmeal. 

Chilly Breakfast

I was walking behind because I was slow and tired. But I was OK walking behind. I did the whole hike. 

Staying Back By Herself

We heard owls and dogs. 

My favorite part of the trip was getting to go to the beach. 

Sand Castle

Baba, post the pictures that you think people will find amazing. 

Even More Tree Climbing

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