Sunday, December 2, 2012

What She Likes

So I asked Boo what she likes about hiking, and these were her answers.
What I like about hiking is:

When we go to the deck (a 3.1 mile loop at our favorite local park. The deck is a good place for a picnic)

Break Time

When we go to Robinson and pick blackberries 


Helping filter water

Cleaning Water

Playing with rope

Washing hankie – just the kids

Playing in water

Helping put up the tent

Clipping the Tent Poles

Collecting walnuts while Baba throws up (I got a bad migraine...)

Wren's Family

Camping and sleeping in the tent

New Sleeping Bag Approved

 What do your kids like best about hiking or camping?


  1. Hey Birch, nice pics. Your little one is such a cutie. Sleeping in the tent and sleeping bag is definitely one of my kids' favorite things too. They like backpacking more than hiking, even though they have to carry a lot more weight, mainly because of sleeping in the tent. My son used to absolutely LOVE filtering water. We used to take the water filter and let him pump even on short hikes. He also loved to ride the bus when he was little, so we often took the shuttle bus in Rocky Mountain National Park even if we didn't need to. Anything to make it fun!

  2. Thanks! She's especially cute outdoors being wild, because she's so happy then. I was very surprised to have so much help filtering water, but it was very popular. Getting places is the worst part of a trip. 2-3 hours through central IL isn't the most exciting terrain.